About Us

About Us

Welcome to Truly Tea UK. We hope to engage both you and your senses through our selection of high end  boutique teas. We are a family web based premium loose-leaf tea company. The Isle of Wight in the UK is our home and also home to our tea business. The company origin is Australia, in fact the amazing Byron Bay where our wonderful friend Nyoli (Master Blender) lives and supplies tea, to the Australian market.

Myself, Paulette and Mac my husband met Nyoli through our eldest son & his girlfriend who got together on a gap year.

We all immediately bonded, Nyoli meeting  our youngest son on facetime (how small our world is) and now we consider each other family. Looking to expand, we approached Nyoli with an idea and Truly Tea UK was formed.

Our aim is to provide high end Ceylon tea to the English market. Sri Lanka is the only country that has ozone friendly status and the teas that we are bringing to you are all hand-picked and the first pick, ensuring the best quality reaches you, in the home.

We don’t use artificial flavourings or colourings, so the teas are all completely natural. All the herbs we use are of top quality and Organic, our supplier has organic status and is part of the Fair trade movement. The herbal tisanes are blended on the Isle of Wight using personal secret recipes sent to us by Nyoli.

Whilst we offer wholesale & retail outlets bulk buying options, we also want to share how versatile, stimulating & healthy tea really is, with households up & down the country. To make the experience as easy & inexpensive as possible, we plan to offer small sample packets, which will make approximately 4 cups. This will allow you to try a blend & if not to your taste, you’re not stuck with lots of unwanted product or wasted too much money. Once you have decided that one of our blends is to your liking, you can order in 50g packets, which are ideal for home use.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the UK and  in fact the world over 98% of the worlds population enjoy a cup or two. Indeed, we are very proud to share with you that the world famous Sydney Opera House liked our creations so much, that they stock a range of Truly Tea products throughout their premises.

We look forward to sharing out passion with you.

Paulette & Mac